Who We Are

We are Mark and Anne Roemke, owners of Sherpa Investment Group.

The sherpa name came from our passion for hiking, and as a joke. Anne and I love hiking, but as the years progressed my one knee started to deteriorate. So the hikes became painful for me. On one of the hikes Anne asked me if I wanted her to carry my backpack for me. As I reluctantly handed over the backpack I said,"I have my own personal sherpa". She laughed at me and thought it was cute. It really did help me be able to walk with less pain. As we kept going on hikes, she would always take the extra load in her backpack and I would always say, “Thanks, Sherpa.”

When we were ready to open our Conscious Investing company we needed a name and we both knew it should be Sherpa Investment Group. We know that everyone needs to make money and secure their future. Once you have achieved that, what's next? For us, it’s about giving back. We want to encourage all of our group to give back and make the world a better place in their own special way. Whether it is donating money to a worthy cause or donating your time being a mentor. We personally are doing both and invite you to do the same.

Sherpa Investment Group is dedicated to supporting and guiding you on your path to successful and conscious financial investing. Conscious investing is our guiding principle.

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